Volkswagen Unveils ID. 2all Concept Car, Targets Affordable Electric Mobility

What’s Happening: Volkswagen has introduced the ID. 2all concept car, an all-electric vehicle aiming for a price point below 25,000 euros. The production version, scheduled for a 2025 European launch, will be based on the MEB Entry platform and feature a front-wheel drive, a range of up to 450 km, and innovative technological features such as Travel Assist and IQ.LIGHT.

Why It Matters: This move is part of Volkswagen’s ongoing commitment to bring electric mobility to the masses, with the ID. 2all being one of ten new electric models set to launch by 2026. The company is rapidly transforming to become a genuine “Love Brand” while offering top technology and fantastic design.

Volkswagen Unveils ID. 2all Concept Car, Targets Affordable Electric Mobility

Key Points:

  • The ID. 2all is the first MEB vehicle with front-wheel drive and is expected to set new standards in technology and everyday usability.
  • The concept car sports a new Volkswagen design language based on the three pillars of stability, likeability, and enthusiasm.
  • The interior features a clear design with high-quality appearance, self-explanatory infotainment system, and generous storage volume.
  • Volkswagen’s electric offensive includes the launch of ten new electric models by 2026, with an electric car share target of 80% in Europe.

Bottom Line: Volkswagen’s ID. 2all concept car signifies the company’s dedication to making electric mobility accessible to a wider audience. The upcoming production model aims to offer quality, design, and cutting-edge technology at an affordable price point.


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