Volkswagen Unveils Next-Generation APP550 Electric Drive for ID. Family

What’s Happening: Volkswagen is launching the APP550 rear-wheel drive, a new electric power unit that will offer higher performance and improved efficiency for the ID. family of electric models. The automaker plans to deliver the first vehicles with the new drive generation in a 210 kW (286 PS) version by the end of the year.

Why It Matters: The new electric drive system will provide a significant boost in power and range for the ID. family, making them more competitive in the growing electric vehicle market. Improved efficiency could also help reduce overall operating costs for owners, making the vehicles more appealing to a wider range of buyers.

Key Points:

  • The new powertrain is based on Volkswagen’s modular electric drive (MEB) matrix, which is specifically designed for electric models.
  • The new APP550 electric drive has an output of 210 kW (286 PS) and a maximum torque of around 550 Nm.
  • Volkswagen’s team of Technical Development and Group Components has managed to reduce raw material usage while achieving a considerable increase in vehicle efficiency.
  • The inverter, which acts as the controlling “brain” in the powertrain, has been developed to supply the high phase currents needed for greater power and efficiency.
  • Volkswagen optimized several components in the powertrain, including the thermal management system, which now features an energy-saving cooling system that operates without an electrically driven oil pump.
  • Production of the drive system with gearbox, rotor, and stator will take place at the Volkswagen Group Components plant in Kassel.

Bottom Line: Volkswagen’s introduction of the next-generation APP550 electric drive demonstrates the company’s commitment to enhancing its electric vehicle offerings. The improved performance, efficiency, and range should make the ID. family more attractive to potential buyers, ultimately helping the automaker increase its market share in the rapidly expanding electric vehicle sector.


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