Volta Charging: Interview with Brandt Hastings

In the latest episode of The EV Report Podcast, we had the privilege of interviewing Brandt Hastings, the CEO of Volta Charging. This conversation offers an in-depth look at Volta’s innovative approach to electric vehicle (EV) charging and its impact on the burgeoning EV market.

Volta’s Origin Story

Brandt Hastings takes us back to the inception of Volta Charging, sharing the inspiration and vision behind the company’s founding. He elaborates on how Volta Charging started with a unique idea and grew into a significant player in the EV charging industry.

Pioneering Ahead of the Curve

A striking feature of Volta’s model is its proactive deployment of EV chargers, even before widespread EV adoption. Hastings explains the foresight and strategy involved in this approach, discussing how it positions Volta as a leader in the industry.

Partnerships and Benefits

Discussing partnerships, Hastings delves into how Volta collaborates with site hosts and cities. He highlights the mutual benefits these partnerships bring, such as increased foot traffic for businesses and enhanced EV infrastructure for cities.

Balancing Charging Services and Advertising

Volta’s business model uniquely combines EV charging with advertising. Hastings discusses this interplay, sharing insights into how the company successfully caters to both drivers and advertisers. He also shares success stories demonstrating the benefits advertisers have reaped from their collaborations with Volta.

Achieving High Driver Satisfaction

Hastings proudly talks about Volta’s high driver satisfaction rates. He reveals key strategies that contribute to this success, emphasizing the importance of customer experience in the EV charging sector.

Strategic Location Planning

The strategic placement of charging stations is crucial for any EV charging network. Hastings sheds light on how Volta decides on its charging station locations, ensuring convenience and accessibility for EV drivers.

Looking Ahead

As the podcast concludes, Hastings shares his vision for Volta Charging over the next decade. He talks about potential technological advancements and the evolving role of Volta in the broader EV ecosystem.

This episode of The EV Report Podcast with Brandt Hastings offers valuable insights into the innovative strategies and forward-thinking approach of Volta Charging. It’s a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of electric vehicles and sustainable transportation.

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