von Holzhausen: Interview with Founder & CEO, Vicki von Holzhausen

Vicki von Holzhausen, founder and CEO of von Holtzhausen, discusses her background as a car designer and her journey towards creating sustainable materials for the fashion and automotive industries. She explains the importance of reducing the carbon footprint of materials and introduces innovative solutions such as Liquid Plant, a 100% plant-based durable top coat. Von Holzhausen highlights the shift towards new expressions of materials in the automotive industry and the demand for sustainable options. She also emphasizes the need to balance creativity with functionality in design and the challenges and trends in incorporating sustainable materials in EVs.


  • Sustainable materials in the automotive industry can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of vehicles.
  • Innovative materials like Liquid Plant offer durability and performance while being 100% plant-based.
  • There is a growing demand for new expressions of materials in the automotive industry, moving away from traditional leather alternatives.
  • Balancing creativity and functionality is crucial in design, ensuring that sustainable materials meet the needs and expectations of customers.

About von Holzhausen

von Holzhausen began when former car designer Vicki von Holzhausen decided to make a vegan leather that could rival animal leather.

Driven by science, von Holzhausen researched, experimented, materially innovated and developed a sustainable leather alternative.

She tested it out as a handbag. It worked! A company was born. And ever since, we’ve been developing more leathers and making more products.

Now the company is focused on an ambition much bigger than handbags (sorry handbags). We’re taking on climate change by creating the plant-based materials of the future.

Today, we supply materials to all industries: fashion, furniture, airplanes and even cars—right back where it all began.

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