Volvo’s Electric Trucks Achieve Milestone

Volvo‘s electric trucks have driven over 80 million kilometers in just five years, significantly reducing CO2 emissions and enhancing driver working conditions.

Key Highlights

  • 80 Million Kilometers Driven: Volvo’s electric trucks have collectively driven more than 80 million kilometers since their launch in 2019, equating to 2,000 laps around the world.
  • CO2 Emissions Reduced: This impressive distance translates to a reduction of 68,000 tons of CO2 emissions compared to diesel-powered trucks, which would have consumed over 25 million liters of diesel.
  • Improved Driver Environment: The electric trucks offer a much-improved working environment for drivers, with significantly lower noise and vibrations.
Volvo's Electric Trucks Achieve Milestone

Volvo’s Pioneering: Launched in 2019, Volvo’s electric trucks have set a benchmark in the industry, covering substantial distances and proving their viability in commercial traffic. This milestone highlights the environmental and operational benefits of electric trucks.

Early Adoption Benefits: Transport companies that have adopted electric trucks early on enjoy a competitive edge. They offer emission-free transport solutions, optimizing logistics and sharing charging infrastructure, which strengthens their business case.

Global Presence and Growth: In 2023, Volvo’s global deliveries of electric trucks surged by 256%, reaching 1,977 units. The company’s market share was significant, with 56% in Europe and 44% in the United States. Volvo has delivered over 3,500 electric trucks across 45 countries and expanded its presence in new regions like Latin America, Morocco, South Korea, and Malaysia.

Diverse Applications: Volvo’s electric trucks cater to a wide range of applications, from urban distribution and waste management to regional haul and construction. The current lineup includes eight fully electric models: Volvo FL Electric, FE Electric, FM Electric, FM Low Entry, FMX Electric, FH Electric, FH Aero Electric, and the VNR Electric. The Volvo FH Electric stands out, having been awarded the International Truck of the Year Award for 2024.

Sustainable Transport Demand: There’s a growing demand for sustainable transport solutions, driven by initiatives like the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi). Both transport companies and buyers are increasingly committed to reducing their climate footprint, further propelling the shift to electric trucks.

Expertise and Innovation: Over the past five years, Volvo has developed substantial expertise in electric transport, focusing on optimizing energy use, charging, and servicing of electric trucks. This ongoing innovation ensures Volvo remains at the forefront of the electric truck market.

Volvo’s electric trucks have not only achieved a significant milestone but also demonstrated the practical benefits and competitive advantages of electric transport. The company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation continues to drive the adoption of electric trucks globally.

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