WAI Unveils Enhanced Safety for EV Charging Cables

Leading automotive parts manufacturer, WAI has announced an advanced safety feature for its prominent electric vehicle (EV) charging cable lineup. The newest iteration of WAI’s home charging cable will now include a thermal cut-off switch within the plug.

Why It Matters

Electrical equipment, particularly EV charging cables, can pose safety threats when used intensively. As currents surge through the cables, they heat up, and prolonged plugging in could pose dangers. Richard Welland, President of WAI Europe, stated, “WAI cables will be the first in the market to have a thermal cut-off built in, ensuring that users can trust in the enhanced safety layer should high temperatures arise.”

Key Points

  • Innovative Safety Feature: The thermal cut-off switch activates when reaching specific temperatures, shutting off to prevent electrical damage and fire risk. It automatically restarts once cooled.
  • Extensive Compatibility: WAI’s EV charging cables cater to popular vehicle models, including but not limited to Audi, BMW, Tesla, Jaguar, KIA, and Hyundai. They offer various plugs such as Type 2 Female to Type 2 Male and Type 2 Female to UK and EU Plugs.
  • Certification & Lengths: The cables are TUV Certified, available in both five and 10-meter lengths.
  • Alternate to Manufacturer Cables: WAI offers high-quality alternatives to manufacturer-provided cables, even providing options to extend the current charging cable length.
  • Additional Features: WAI cables boast IP55 rating, a 240VAC operating voltage, testing up to 2,500 VDC, an operational temperature range of -30C to +50C, and are packaged with a portable storage bag.

Bottom Line

WAI’s integration of the thermal cut-off switch marks a significant step towards safer and more efficient EV charging solutions. As the EV market continues to grow, safety enhancements like this will become critical for ensuring user trust and overall market health.


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