Wallbox Partners With Svea Solar in Europe to Integrate Solar and EV Charging

BARCELONA, Spain – Wallbox, a leading provider of electric vehicle charging and energy management solutions worldwide, announces a new partnership with Svea Solar, one of Europe’s fastest-growing cleantech companies. Wallbox will be the primary EV charging solution for Svea Solar’s consumer offer in Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Spain. This exciting new partnership will help more drivers switch to clean electric power and move toward a sustainable future.

As a partner to IKEA in four European markets, Svea Solar offers solar systems to residential customers. The new partnership with Wallbox will allow customers to purchase products that complement their home energy ecosystem and make it easier to switch to electric vehicles.

All of Wallbox’s AC chargers come with Eco–Smart, the company’s energy management software. This allows users who have a PV installation in their home to charge their EV with self-produced sustainable energy. Through the Wallbox app, users can choose to charge their EV with 100% green energy from their home PV installation or blend excess solar with grid power.

“With the drastic increase in energy prices, we see a big interest among our customers to become more self-sufficient through clean energy sources. Through this partnership, we will be able to offer our customers a smart solution where the car is charged at the right time when consumption in the house is low and the sun is shining. Combined with our ecosystem of solar panels, batteries, and renewable energy contracts, our consumers can drastically decrease their expenses and increase the amount of clean energy”, says Erik Martinson at Svea Solar.

“We are pleased to launch this new partnership with another innovation-driven company such as Svea Solar and help drive the transition to more sustainable energy and electric car use in the market. Working with Svea Solar will open doors to new consumer projects on an international level,” says Masud Rabbani, Chief Business Officer of Wallbox.

The partnership between Svea Solar and Wallbox gives consumers more control over how they charge their electric vehicles, providing opportunities to motivate more people to live greener lifestyles. Switching to solar and EV simultaneously saves users money in the long run, accelerates the reduction of their climate footprint and eases pressure on the electricity grid.


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