Webfleet and VEV Partner for Fleet Electrification

Webfleet, a prominent fleet management solution under Bridgestone, and VEV, an up-and-coming e-fleet solutions provider, have officially announced a strategic partnership. Their shared goal is to boost the adoption of commercial electric vehicle (EV) fleets.

Why It Matters

Managing electric fleets has become more crucial as companies shift towards sustainable operations. Effective fleet management focuses on vehicles and drivers and emphasizes energy management and charging schedules. This partnership is set to redefine the role of fleet managers, emphasizing the importance of optimizing energy consumption alongside traditional duties.

Key Points

  • VEV’s Services: VEV offers a comprehensive EV transition solution, covering EV fleet strategy development, site design, and operation.
  • EV Management: Beyond vehicle sourcing and financing, VEV supports ongoing EV fleet operations, focusing on both charge infrastructure and energy management.
  • Data Significance: Mike Nakrani, VEV’s CEO, highlighted that data from Webfleet is essential to avoid over-specifying vehicles and infrastructure. In-service telematics further helps in understanding vehicle patterns and energy usage.
  • Collaboration is Key: Taco van der Leij, Vice President of Webfleet Europe at Bridgestone Mobility Solutions, emphasized the importance of collaboration for achieving a net-zero future.
  • Role of Telematics: Webfleet’s data is central in shaping the EV strategy, detailing journey times, energy consumption, and vehicle status.
  • Charge Efficiency: As per Nakrani, true charge efficiency is about understanding specific fleet routes and making informed decisions, not just having the largest battery.

Bottom Line

The partnership between Webfleet and VEV aligns perfectly with Bridgestone’s E8 Commitment, promoting values such as Energy, Efficiency, and Empowerment. As Bridgestone aims to transform into a sustainable solutions company, collaborations like these set a promising path toward a greener fleet management future.


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