Xeal Expands EV Charging on Campuses

Xeal, a pioneering electric vehicle (EV) charging technology company, has recently announced a significant expansion of its EV charging stations across numerous college campuses. New partnerships with leading real estate developers such as Cardinal Group, ACRE, Parallel, and CA Ventures facilitate this expansion. The company’s unique “Never Down” charging approach offers a reliable solution in a sector where many EV chargers face operational challenges.

Why It Matters

The growth of Xeal’s network is timely and crucial. With a surge in EV ownership among young adults and increasing emphasis on sustainability in higher education, the demand for reliable EV charging stations is at an all-time high. Xeal’s expansion caters to this need, providing accessible and efficient charging solutions for students, faculty, and visitors on college campuses. Their technology is particularly significant given the high rate of connectivity-related failures in existing EV charging infrastructure.

Key Points

  • Xeal’s expansion involves collaborations with major private developers, scaling its operations across multiple college campuses.
  • The company’s technology operates without the need for internet connectivity, reducing the risk of downtime or failure.
  • Educational institutions like Princeton University, Emory University, and the University of Texas are among the beneficiaries of this initiative.
  • Xeal’s approach aligns with the increasing trend of EV adoption among Gen Z, who are projected to shift towards EVs in the coming years.
  • The expansion supports the sustainability goals of colleges and universities, reinforcing their commitment to environmental responsibility.

Bottom Line

Xeal’s strategic expansion across college campuses signifies a major step forward in the EV charging sector. By addressing the common issue of connectivity failures, Xeal ensures a more reliable and accessible charging experience for EV users. This move not only meets the growing demand for EV infrastructure but also aligns with the sustainability goals of educational institutions, marking a significant stride towards a greener future. For more information on Xeal’s solutions, visit xealenergy.com.


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