XPENG Confirms 2024 Launch in German Automotive Market

XPENG Motors, a trailblazing Smart Electric Vehicle (Smart EV) company, announced plans to enter the German automotive market in 2024. The unveiling was made during the company’s presentation at IAA Mobility. The launch will introduce the XPENG P7 sports sedan and the XPENG G9 SUV models.

Why It Matters

This move comes after three years of successful operations and favorable reception in other European markets. Germany represents a significant milestone for XPENG, as it is one of the world’s most competitive automotive landscapes. “Today represents an important step on our international expansion journey,” said Brian Gu, Vice Chairman and Co-President of XPENG. “We aim to offer German consumers a new level of sophistication in Smart EVs, in line with their high expectations.”

Key Points

  • Official Website: The XPENG Germany website is already live and can be accessed here.
  • Strategic Partnerships: In July, XPENG formed a long-term strategic alliance with the Volkswagen Group, which will facilitate extensive collaboration between the two entities.
  • Technical Capabilities: XPENG has showcased its technological prowess in a recent NAF El-Prix 2023 test, where the G9 model set a new charging record, reaching a peak power of 319 kW. Additionally, the XPENG G9 and P7 models outperformed their stated WLTP ranges in real-world conditions by 13% and 10%, respectively.

Bottom Line

XPENG’s entrance into the German market aims to redefine smart mobility by leveraging its cutting-edge R&D capabilities. As one of the leading Smart EV companies, XPENG is well-positioned to meet the exacting standards of German consumers. The move underscores the company’s aggressive international growth strategy, potentially setting a new benchmark in the global Smart EV industry.


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