XPENG Joins Forces with Freesbe, Expanding its Smart Electric Vehicle Reach to the Israeli Market

What’s Happening

XPENG, a significant player in the smart electric vehicle industry, has declared a strategic alliance with Freesbe, aimed at expanding XPENG’s footprint in the Israeli market. This partnership signifies a pivotal advancement for XPENG’s global operations, particularly as it marks the company’s initial foray beyond Europe.

Why It Matters

Israel is recognized as a dynamic and promising market in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, and XPENG’s strategic move aims to capitalize on this potential. “We have seen the enormous potential of the Israeli EV market and aim to bring local customers a new level of sophistication with our cutting-edge technologies and premium EV products,” stated Eric Xu, VP International Markets, XPENG. He further added his confidence in Freesbe, citing their shared ambition for superior customer service and cooperation.

Key Points

Freesbe is a prominent name in Israel’s automotive industry, being one of the country’s largest car dealer groups and representing top brands like Nissan, Infiniti, Renault, and DACIA. In addition, its leasing firm, lease4u, stands as one of Israel’s most substantial leasing companies.

Freesbe’s extensive customer base and solid network would allow a swift rollout of XPENG’s innovative electric vehicles in the local market. CEO of Freesbe, Mr. Isaac Weitz, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “Freesbe is eager to commence the partnership with XPENG. XPENG’s exceptional products and vision, combined with Freesbe’s leadership and robust infrastructure, will pave the way for a strong foothold in Israel’s burgeoning premium EV market.”

Bottom Line

The strategic partnership between XPENG and Freesbe is expected to yield a synergistic collaboration that could revolutionize the EV landscape in Israel. It would not only provide Freesbe with opportunities to leverage the burgeoning EV transition in Israel but also offer customers a more intuitive and enjoyable EV experience. Access to Freesbe’s well-established distribution network, along with both companies’ service efficiency and quality standards, is expected to enhance customer satisfaction.

As part of XPENG’s long-term commitment to the international market, the company continues to focus on developing products that cater to local customer needs while bringing leading-edge technology and high quality to global consumers. XPENG’s move into Israel reinforces their support for carbon-neutral strategies and desire to hasten electrification globally.


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