ZF Spearheads Electromobility Revolution with Innovative Thermal Management and United Chassis Solutions Division

ZF, a global technology leader, has accelerated its shift towards electromobility and networked chassis technology with a novel thermal management system and a consolidated Chassis Solutions Division.

What’s Happening

ZF is propelling its transition to electromobility and networked chassis technology, as announced at its annual Global Technology Day demonstration event. The company introduced a unique thermal management system for electric vehicles (EVs) and consolidated its expertise in steering, braking, and damping systems under a new unit, the Chassis Solutions Division.

Why It Matters

The technology giant’s innovative thermal management system offers more compactness in EV drivetrains while boosting the range of vehicles by up to a third in winter conditions. The system, along with an optimized electric drivetrain, sets new benchmarks in compactness, weight, and efficiency, significantly contributing to the evolution of sustainable transportation. Also, the new powertrain is devoid of heavy rare earth elements and is available in a modular design, thus providing flexible options for automakers.

Key Points

ZF’s advanced powertrain, incorporating thermal management, was demonstrated in a vehicle at their headquarters in Friedrichshafen. The holistic system leads to a 30% reduction in overall drivetrain weight, enabling a peak torque density of 70 Newton meters per kilogram of drive weight – a record for road-legal passenger cars.

In the light of rapid industry transformations, ZF has streamlined its organizational structure to foster quicker decision-making and agility. The firm’s global orientation has already earned acclaim, with its all-electric Steer-by-Wire system receiving orders from major markets worldwide.

Chassis Solutions Division

Further strengthening its leadership position, ZF has formed the Chassis Solutions Division, an amalgamation of its passenger car chassis technology and active safety technology units. This new division encapsulates ZF’s entire chassis, steering, and braking expertise and projects an annual turnover of over 14 billion euros.

Bottom Line

ZF’s “Next Generation Mobility” strategy aims to leverage technology to create clean, safe, comfortable, and affordable mobility solutions for all. The company’s pioneering innovations in thermal management and the establishment of the Chassis Solutions Division are significant strides towards achieving this objective. The commercial vehicle sector and industrial applications will undoubtedly benefit from these advancements in the future.


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