2024 Škoda Enyaq: More Power, Longer Range

Škoda has unveiled its enhanced 2024 Enyaq electric vehicle lineup, boasting improved performance, range, and charging capabilities. Accompanying these improvements are subtle visual adjustments aligning with the brand’s revamped identity.

Why It Matters

With the surge in electric vehicle demand, manufacturers are under pressure to provide vehicles that offer longer range, shorter charging times, and overall better driving experiences. Škoda’s upgrades to the Enyaq emphasize its commitment to remain competitive in this dynamic market.

Key Points

  • Visual Updates: The Enyaq will undergo minor visual modifications to fit Škoda’s new branding. The iV branding will vanish, and model differentiation will now be based on numerical or model names like RS or Laurin & Klement.
  • Technical Improvements:
    • New models, such as the Enyaq 85 and Enyaq 85x, will replace existing models.
    • Improved rear axle motors and better battery management are introduced.
    • Enyaq 85 can cover up to 565 km on a single charge with a 28-minute charge time from 10% to 80% capacity.
    • Enhanced performance: Enyaq 85 can hit 100 km/h in 6.7 seconds, faster by two seconds.
  • All-Wheel Drive: The Enyaq 85x’s all-wheel drive features a system output of 210 kW and can reach 100 km/h in 6.6 seconds. It offers a range of up to 538 km on one charge.
  • RS Version: The new Enyaq RS showcases optimized battery cell chemistry, a 250 kW power boost, and an acceleration of zero to 100 km/h in 5.5 seconds. The top speed is capped at 180 km/h.
  • New Features: 2024 models introduce the ability to pre-heat the battery automatically by setting a route to a high-power charger or manually via the infotainment system.
  • Additional Upgrades: Enyaq 85 and higher models will include an automatic locking function, a reorganized control button layout, and updates to the infotainment system with a new software version 4.0.

Bottom Line

Škoda’s 2024 Enyaq lineup showcases the brand’s dedication to innovation, offering consumers enhanced driving experiences and modern features. As electric vehicles continue to gain traction globally, these upgrades solidify Škoda’s position in a competitive market.


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