ABB E-mobility’s HVC360: The Revolution in Fleet Charging Solutions

Unveiling ABB E-mobility’s groundbreaking HVC360 fleet charging solution. This flexible, efficient, and powerful unit sets a new standard for electric fleet management.

What’s Happening

ABB E-mobility announced its HVC360 fleet charging solution today, marking a significant advancement in e-mobility. The HVC360, a high-power charging system, will be exhibited at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Barcelona. This innovative system provides electric vehicle fleet managers with an adaptable, efficient, and powerful charging solution.

Why It Matters

As nations around the world aim to reduce their carbon emissions, the electrification of road transport, particularly buses and trucks, is paramount. Despite constituting only 4% of vehicles, these transport categories contribute to about 40% of global transport emissions. The need for a solution to rapidly electrify these fleets is therefore crucial, and ABB E-mobility’s HVC360 presents an efficient answer to this problem.

Key Points

The HVC360 offers ultimate flexibility and dynamic charging capabilities for any site layout or use case. Capable of connecting up to four charging stations 100m away from the power cabinet, it caters to various charging needs by providing different power levels based on the number of vehicles plugged in or their charging requirements. The unit supports all charging interfaces simultaneously, which means fleet depots can offer a range of charging options, allowing them to configure the perfect solution for their needs.

Bottom Line

The HVC360, backed by decades of ABB E-mobility’s development and field experience, offers unprecedented flexibility and interoperability, accommodating a wide range of OEMs. Chris Nordh, Global Head of the Fleet & Transit business at ABB E-mobility, expressed his excitement about the HVC360’s potential to help reduce running costs and emissions in the heavy vehicle sector. As the electric truck market continues to grow, charging solutions like the HVC360 will play a crucial role in meeting ambitious climate goals.

Availability for the HVC360 is expected in the CE and UL markets by the end of September 2023. Those interested can view ABB E-mobility’s new charging solution at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit, booth 6E240, from June 5-7.


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