ABM Launches Advanced EV Charging Network

ABM, renowned for facility services, infrastructure, parking management, and electric vehicle (EV) charging, has introduced its exclusive ABM EV Charging Network. The cloud-driven platform, a product of the collaboration with Noodoe, is designed to enhance the EV charging experience, offering real-time system oversight and personalized user experiences.

Why It Matters

With nationwide driver dissatisfaction concerning public Level 2 charging, there’s been a call for better service, maintenance, and enhanced user experience when it comes to public EV chargers. J.D. Power’s recent study highlights that nearly 20% of public charging tries end in failure, amplifying driver discontent.

Key Points:

  • Innovative Solution: To address the nationwide demand, ABM’s EV Charging Network will complement its array of custom turnkey solutions. It promises comprehensive support spanning charger equipment, installation, maintenance, and updates.
  • Unique Features: The new software allows establishments like hotels or retailers to link their parking lot chargers to reward schemes and lets only authorized drivers access their chargers. Moreover, it supports a range of digital payment methods, including cards, QR codes, and the ABM app, catering to both revenue and user experience.
  • Uptime and Support: The network ensures 24/7 monitoring, diagnostics, and repair services. Paired with ABM’s seasoned maintenance services, this guarantees timely issue detection and swift resolutions.
  • Real-time Enhancements: Continuous updates and features are available for the charging stations within the network.
  • Expanding Horizons: Having installed over 30,000 chargers, ABM will extend its solutions through this network, pairing with both Level 2 and 3 charging stations. Comprehensive turnkey solutions are available, along with energy and power resilience through ABM RavenVolt’s microgrid solutions.

Bottom Line

ABM’s initiative is poised to redefine the EV charging landscape, addressing prevalent challenges while preparing for an electric future. As ABM’s public EV charging network proliferates, users can conveniently locate chargers, make payments, and monitor via the ABM EV OS app, available for both iOS and Android devices. Moreover, all public ABM chargers feature the intuitive “Scan, Pay, and Charge” functionality, ensuring a hassle-free user journey.


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