All-Electric Polaris is Best of What’s New

Polaris, a prominent leader in the powersports and off-road industry, has been honored with the 2023 Popular Science “Best of What’s New” Award. This accolade recognizes their revolutionary all-electric Polaris RANGER XP Kinetic in the automotive category. The RANGER XP Kinetic stands out for its innovative use of electric technology, enhancing the off-road experience with features like instantaneous torque for superior control and a quieter ride.

Why It Matters

The recognition from Popular Science underscores the significant advancements Polaris is making in the off-road vehicle market. The RANGER XP Kinetic exemplifies the latest technological developments in electric powertrains, setting new standards in utility, efficiency, and environmental consciousness. This award not only celebrates Polaris’ current achievements but also emphasizes the growing trend towards electric vehicles.

Key Points

  • The RANGER XP Kinetic boasts features such as immediate torque and a noise-reduced ride, ideal for various off-road activities.
  • Polaris has been leading the utility side-by-side market for over 15 years, with the RANGER XP Kinetic representing a significant leap in their electric vehicle offerings.
  • The vehicle’s electric powertrain, developed through a partnership with Zero Motorcycles┬«, offers unprecedented power and utility in the side-by-side vehicle sector.
  • Additional benefits include lower maintenance costs, increased uptime, and advanced connected vehicle services through RIDE COMMAND+.
  • Production of the RANGER XP Kinetic began earlier this year at Polaris’ Huntsville, Alabama facility.

Bottom Line

Polaris’ achievement in winning the 2023 Popular Science “Best of What’s New” Award for the RANGER XP Kinetic is more than just an industry accolade. It marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of off-road vehicles, highlighting the potential and practicality of electric powertrains. This award not only validates Polaris’ commitment to innovation but also signals a significant shift in the broader automotive sector towards sustainable and advanced technology solutions.


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