Ample Partners with Mitsubishi Fuso on Battery Swapping Solution

Ample has officially announced its partnership with Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation in an effort to introduce battery-swapping stations optimized for larger delivery vehicles. This collaboration will see Mitsubishi Fuso electric trucks powered by Ample’s innovative Modular Battery Swapping technology. The inaugural roll-out is expected to begin this winter in Japan, featuring Mitsubishi Fuso’s newest all-electric model, the FUSO eCanter. Further information regarding collaborating companies that will be adopting the eCanter for their fleets will be released soon.

Why It Matters

This collaboration carries significant weight as last-mile delivery services contribute to approximately 25-30% of emissions in cities and towns worldwide. Transitioning these delivery fleets to electric vehicles (EVs) offers a practical and effective way to curb emissions and progress toward sustainability. Moreover, this partnership aims to simplify the electrification process, making it more feasible for delivery services to transition to EVs.

Key Points

  • The partnership revolves around creating battery-swapping stations that support larger delivery vehicles.
  • The FUSO eCanter, powered by Ample’s modular battery swapping technology, is set to debut this winter in Japan.
  • Ample’s stations promise a swift, gas-station-like experience, charging electric trucks fully in just 5 minutes.
  • The drive-through experience at these stations simplifies the process for vehicle operators, eliminating the need to back out after a swap.
  • As a truck’s battery is being swapped, it can simultaneously be loaded or unloaded, enhancing operational efficiencies.

Bottom Line

Ample’s partnership with Mitsubishi Fuso embodies a significant stride towards sustainable urban development. It not only accelerates the electrification of the last-mile delivery sector but also aligns with Mitsubishi Fuso’s ambitious target of creating a fully carbon-neutral product portfolio in Japan by 2039. The alliance of these two innovative companies fosters a synergy that can drastically reshape the future of the delivery industry and urban emissions.


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