Arcimoto Supplies MATBOCK with Electric Solutions

Arcimoto, Inc., known for producing ultra-efficient compact electric vehicles, has partnered with MATBOCK, a veteran-owned enterprise that creates hybrid-electric tactical vehicles and advanced tactical gear. Through this collaboration, Arcimoto will provide MATBOCK with its electrical systems architecture and energy storage systems to aid in developing hybrid-electric tactical vehicles.

Why It Matters

This alliance empowers MATBOCK to concentrate on revolutionary technologies by integrating American-made solutions tailored to the U.S. Department of Defense’s specific operational requirements. In 2022, MATBOCK rolled out its tactical electric vehicle program, incorporating advanced battery, propulsion, and power export capabilities. Chris Dawson, the CEO of Arcimoto, noted, “The transition to electric vehicles is not just in the commercial realm but is gaining momentum in the military sector. This collaboration underlines the military’s growing inclination towards electric vehicle technology on the battlefield.”

Key Points

  • The collaboration bolsters MATBOCK’s focus on innovative technology tailored for military operations.
  • Arcimoto’s electric systems improve MATBOCK’s vehicle performance, operational range, and overall efficiency.
  • MATBOCK will capitalize on Arcimoto’s supply chain, reducing the need for global material sourcing.
  • MATBOCK’s tactical electric vehicle program, initiated in 2022, encompasses state-of-the-art battery and propulsion solutions.

Bottom Line

Arcimoto’s alliance with MATBOCK stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of the vehicle industry, where electric solutions are progressively being integrated into military operations. As MATBOCK President Zach Steinbock expressed, the partnership marks a pivotal moment for both entities and promises accelerated advancements toward a greener and more efficient future. With MATBOCK’s decade-long leadership in the military and law enforcement sectors and its introduction of over 300 innovative products, this collaboration is set to redefine industry standards.


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