Atlis Motor Vehicles Unveils Innovative AC/DC Charge Handle and Charging Cable for E-Mobility Industry

MESA, Ariz – Atlis Motor Vehicles, a US-based electric vehicle technology ecosystem company and the first battery cell manufacturer to be fully owned and operated in the US, has unveiled its AC/DC charge handle and charging cable design. The cable has the ability to deliver up to 1.5MW of power and was successfully tested by the Atlis team, delivering over 1,000 volts and more than 1,200 amps of electric current while maintaining a temperature below 30 degrees Celsius.

The Atlis cable, similar in size to a typical 350 kW CCS, is designed to be more flexible and user-friendly, allowing for easier handling during charging. The company plans to open this standard to its peers in the medium and heavy-duty vehicle and e-mobility charging space.

“Building our own cable is the logical path forward for driving adoption across our intended market segment,” said Mark Hanchett, Founder and CEO of Atlis Motor Vehicles. “The cables available in the market today cannot deliver this amount of energy without overheating or being too heavy. Our team has developed a cable that remains cool to the touch while charging and a handle that is user-friendly and easy to maneuver.”

The amperage, or strength of the electric current, is a crucial factor in determining the charging time of a vehicle. The company believes that its cable design is a significant step in the implementation of a network of 1.5MW charging stations, which will play a crucial role in the acceleration of electrification of the work industry.


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