Autel Energy Showcases EV Charging Solutions at ACT Expo, Addressing Electric Fleet Challenges

What’s Happening: Autel Energy, a top-tier manufacturer of electric vehicle (EV) chargers for both residential and commercial use, is set to present its latest charging technologies at the 2023 Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Anaheim, California. The company aims to assuage concerns about transitioning to all-electric fleet operations, namely range anxiety and delivery reliability.

Why It Matters: As businesses increasingly adopt electric fleets to meet social and environmental sustainability targets, the need for reliable and efficient charging infrastructure becomes critical. Autel Energy’s solutions could play a significant role in streamlining this transition, particularly in commercial settings.

Key Points:

  • Autel Energy will be at Booth 7603 at the ACT Expo, which runs from May 1-4 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Here, the company will display its range of chargers, including the newly launched Autel MaxiCharger DC Compact Mobile.
  • COO John Thomas emphasizes the importance of improving charging infrastructure not just for everyday consumers but also for commercial fleet operations. He notes that portable chargers add flexibility and convenience, enabling commercial fleets to maintain service levels while advancing clean and sustainable transportation.
  • The company’s portable chargers are designed to alleviate EV charging complications, allowing operators to confidently deploy electric fleet vehicles. This technology can reduce operational costs, decrease vehicle carbon footprints, and enhance efficiency through innovative energy management.
  • Autel Energy offers an array of products to meet various charging needs. These include AC (Level 2) residential and commercial chargers, bi-directional DC vehicle-to-everything (V2X) home charging, DC fast charging (Level 3), and digital energy management tools like ChargeCloud, their comprehensive charging cloud solution.

Bottom Line: Autel Energy is positioning itself as a key player in the EV infrastructure space, providing necessary solutions to the challenges posed by the transition to electric fleet vehicles. By showcasing its innovative charging technologies at the ACT Expo, the company hopes to highlight its commitment to dependable, high-quality EV solutions that not only support grid stability but also push the boundaries of EV mobility.


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