BEDEO Achieves 60M Km Electric Milestone

BEDEO, a pioneer in the electric mobility sector, has recently announced a significant achievement: its fleet of electrified vans has traveled a collective 60 million kilometres across Europe. This milestone highlights the company’s impact in transforming transportation through electric solutions since its inception.

Stellantis-Approved Retrofits: BEDEO, approved by Stellantis, specializes in converting and homologating large-segment light commercial vehicles (LCVs) from brands like Peugeot, Citroen, Opel, and Vauxhall into electric vehicles. Starting in 2019, BEDEO has been transforming these LCVs into electric models under its ‘Reborn Electric’ offerings, available in both BE and RE variants. The electric-only BE models boast up to 364 km WLTP range, while the RE-100, a recent addition, offers a 117 km electric range plus a 600 km range extender.

In-Wheel Motor Technology: A key component of BEDEO’s conversions is the in-wheel motor technology developed by Protean Electric, a group company. This technology, having undergone extensive testing and development, offers improved performance and enhanced efficiency.

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Benefits for Fleet Users: Fleet users, including prominent names like DHL, DPD, Ocado, Migros, Aras-Kargo, and TNT/Fedex, benefit from reduced emissions and cost savings. These benefits are crucial, especially considering the ability to retain costly rear cargo fit-outs in their existing vehicles.

BEDEO Achieves 60M Km Electric Milestone

BEDEO’s approach to fleet transformation focuses on retrofitting existing diesel vans to either fully electric or hybrid configurations. This strategy not only aids in lowering the total cost of ownership and reducing tailpipe emissions but also helps in reducing carbon emissions at the vehicle manufacturing level. Additionally, the original vehicle’s fit-out can be retained, adding value to fleet owners.

The Reborn Electric conversions include various battery options for the BE models, offering different ranges according to the battery size. The RE-100, a hybrid model, combines electric and diesel power, allowing flexibility in operation, especially in urban environments.

Founded in 2009 by Osman Boyner, BEDEO (formerly BD Auto) has been a leader in electric mobility, focusing on the production and supply of electric light commercial vehicles (eLCVs). Boyner’s statement underscores the reliability and robustness of BEDEO’s in-house manufactured technologies. “Reaching 60 million kilometres is a testament to our technologies and e-solutions’ reliability and robustness,” he said.

Global Operations and Expansion: Operating on a global scale, BEDEO has its R&D and headquarters in the UK, with manufacturing facilities in Turkey and China. The company not only caters to automotive needs but is also expanding into marine and aviation markets.

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