Bentley Unveils V8 Hybrid Powertrain

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Bentley has announced a major shift in its engine technology with the debut of its Ultra Performance Hybrid powertrain, set to replace the iconic W12 engine. This new engine combines a powerful V8 with advanced hybrid technology, representing a significant advancement in Bentley’s engineering. With an output exceeding 750 PS and an electric range of 50 miles, the Ultra Performance Hybrid aims to set new standards in luxury and performance.

Key Highlights:

  • New V8 hybrid powertrain surpasses the performance of Bentley’s W12 engine.
  • More than 750 PS of power and a 50-mile electric-only range.
  • Emits less than 50 g/km CO2 on the WLTP drive cycle.
  • Features a unique engine sound, blending deep bass tones with a high-revving growl.
  • Marks a pivotal moment in Bentley’s shift towards electrification.

Bentley’s transition to the Ultra Performance Hybrid is not just about maintaining the brand’s reputation for luxury; it’s about enhancing it. The new V8 hybrid system is engineered to be the most dynamic, responsive, and efficient ever to power a Bentley. As the company moves beyond its 105th year, it continues to innovate by integrating ‘electrocharging’ into its vehicles, pushing the envelope of hybrid technology.

Bentley Unveils V8 Hybrid Powertrain

The retirement of the 6.0-litre twin-turbo W12 engine signifies the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter for Bentley. This engine has been a cornerstone of Bentley’s lineup, with over 105,000 units built in two decades. However, the introduction of the Ultra Performance Hybrid establishes a new legacy, powering the next generation of Bentley vehicles as the pinnacle of electrified luxury performance cars.

“We’re incredibly excited about the capabilities of the new Ultra Performance Hybrid,” noted a Bentley spokesperson. “It not only delivers superior power but also provides our customers with a more sustainable driving option, without compromising on the performance or luxury that they expect from Bentley.”

The newly released engine sound clip offers a sneak peek into the dual nature of the hybrid system. In electric mode, the powertrain is capable of absolute silence, while the combustion engine offers a robust sound profile, indicative of its power.

As Bentley phases out its W12 and older V8 models, the Ultra Performance Hybrid is poised to become the leading powertrain in its portfolio. This shift supports Bentley’s goal for all its models to be available as hybrids, driving the brand’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in its second century of automobile excellence.

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