Blink Charging Boosts EV Infrastructure in Latin America

Blink Charging Co., a global front-runner in electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, is broadening its reach in Latin America. This move aims to cater to the region’s increasing appetite for EVs, with Latin America recording an impressive 57% rise in EV charger sales in Q1 2023 versus end of 2022.

Why It Matters

As EV sales escalate in Latin America, the need for a robust and dependable charging infrastructure becomes paramount. Blink’s expansion not only supports this burgeoning industry but also emphasizes its commitment to promoting sustainable transport throughout the region.

Key Points

  • Historical Performance: Since its inception in the Latin American market in 2020, Blink has deployed over 2,100 EV chargers across eight countries.
  • Diverse Product Portfolio:
    • Products are tailored to regional needs, including the IQ 200 charger, the residential HQ 200 charger (type 1 J1772 plug), and the EQ 200 charger (type 2 European connector).
    • The forthcoming launch includes DCFC, and Level 2 chargers with GB/T plugs, addressing the rising demand for Chinese-made EVs.
  • Regional Successes:
    • Mexico: Blink has deployed over 840 chargers. The Mexican government’s goal is to ensure 50% of cars sold by 2030 are EVs.
    • Costa Rica: Striving for 100% ZEV status by 2050. Blink has also partnered with three Costa Rican firms to roll out public Blink charging stations.
    • Colombia: Aiming for 10% ZEV urban bus sales by 2025 and 100% by 2035. Colombia offers tax incentives for EV charging stations.
    • Chile: Targeting 100% ZEV in LDV sales by 2030, they’ve seen a 263% year-on-year increase in electric LDV sales since 2021.
    • El Salvador: Collaborating with AES El Salvador to establish a comprehensive charging station network.

Bottom Line

Blink Charging’s aggressive expansion and collaboration strategies in Latin America underscore its commitment to a green transportation future. As one of the few fully vertically-integrated EV charging companies in the region, Blink stands out with its tailor-made solutions for emerging markets, emphasizing its role as a vital player in the EV infrastructure landscape.


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