BMW i5 Electric Sedan Excels in Arctic Winter Testing

What’s Happening: BMW has recently completed an extensive testing program for its first-ever fully electric 5 Series model, the BMW i5, putting the vehicle through a series of arduous test drives in icy and snowy conditions over the course of a year. The testing took place at the BMW Group’s winter test center in Arjeplog, northern Sweden, and focused on the car’s ability to perform at low temperatures and on surfaces with limited grip.

Why It Matters: The ability of an electric vehicle to perform well in extreme cold conditions is crucial to its success in the market, as these conditions often pose significant challenges for battery performance and driving range. The BMW i5’s successful endurance test highlights the advancements in BMW’s eDrive technology and demonstrates that the vehicle can maintain its range and charging capabilities in extreme sub-zero temperatures.

BMW i5 Electric Sedan Excels in Arctic Winter Testing

Key Points:

  • The testing program involved driving the BMW i5 prototypes for approximately 3,000 kilometers (1,850 miles) from Munich to the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland.
  • The vehicles featured cutting-edge battery cell technology and intelligently controlled thermal management systems, which allowed them to maintain long ranges and short charging times during breaks in the journey, even in extreme cold.
  • The final testing phase at Arjeplog provided the ideal conditions for refining the car’s chassis technology, steering, braking systems, and driving dynamics in extreme outdoor conditions.
  • Additional testing took place in everyday driving situations in and around Munich, as well as at BMW Group Plant Dingolfing, focusing on refining the vehicle’s acoustic properties and power delivery under various conditions.
  • The BMW i5 displayed impressive handling abilities in winter testing. Its integrated powertrain and chassis control systems offer optimal traction when pulling away and excellent driving stability when cornering or braking.

Bottom Line: The BMW i5’s successful completion of its winter testing program demonstrates the vehicle’s ability to perform well in extreme cold conditions, showcasing the advancements in BMW’s eDrive technology. The rigorous testing highlights the car’s dynamic performance, driving stability, and overall reliability, making the all-electric sedan a strong contender in the competitive electric vehicle market.


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