BMW Munich Plant Gears Up for All-Electric Future

A new era is dawning for BMW’s iconic Munich plant. By the end of 2027, the factory will be churning out nothing but electric vehicles, marking a significant milestone in the company’s transition to e-mobility.

A Phased Approach to Electrification

The shift won’t be abrupt. Starting in 2026, the plant will begin producing the Neue Klasse sedan alongside existing models. This phased approach allows for a smooth transition and ensures continued production throughout the changeover.

Investing in the Future

BMW is investing €650 million in the Munich plant’s transformation. This includes four new buildings, including a state-of-the-art vehicle assembly line and body shop. To create space within the plant’s footprint, engine manufacturing has been relocated to other facilities.

Digital Transformation at the Heart of the Change

BMW’s iFACTORY principles guide the digitalization of the Munich plant. This holistic approach uses data science, artificial intelligence, and virtualization to optimize processes and empower employees.

More Than Just Cars: Securing the Future of Munich

This transformation isn’t just about cars; it’s about securing the future of the Munich plant and the surrounding region. The €650 million investment reaffirms BMW’s commitment to Bavaria as an industrial powerhouse.

Here’s a quick recap of the key takeaways:

  • BMW’s Munich plant will go all-electric by the end of 2027.
  • The transition will be phased, with Neue Klasse production starting in 2026.
  • BMW is investing €650 million in the plant’s transformation.
  • The iFACTORY principles guide the plant’s digitalization.
  • This move secures the future of the Munich plant and benefits the region.


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