BMW to Unveil 8th Generation 5 Series Sedan, Introducing Electric and Hybrid Variants

What’s Happening: BMW is set to debut the eighth generation of its 5 Series Sedan in just a few months. The latest model will feature a new design, BMW Operating System 8.5 with a curved display, and innovative digital services. For the first time, the 5 Series will offer a purely electric drive system in the BMW i5.

Why It Matters: The flexible powertrain architecture of the new BMW 5 Series Sedan allows for all-electric and plug-in hybrid variants in addition to highly efficient petrol and diesel engines with 48V mild hybrid technology. This expansion into electric and hybrid options demonstrates BMW’s commitment to sustainable mobility and offers customers a wider range of choices to suit their needs.

Key Points:

  • BMW Group Annual Conference 2023 revealed further details about the new 5 Series model range, including an all-electric BMW M Performance model.
  • The BMW 5 Series Touring will also come in an all-electric version starting in spring 2024.
  • The BMW i5 Sedan will be available in the premium executive segment, followed by the BMW i5 Touring in 2024.
  • The worldwide launch of the new BMW 5 Series Sedan is set for October 2023.
  • More than ten million BMW 5 Series have been produced since 1972, making it the most successful business sedan in the world.

Bottom Line: The introduction of the eighth generation BMW 5 Series Sedan, featuring electric and hybrid variants, signifies BMW’s ongoing efforts to provide sustainable mobility solutions. As the company expands its all-electric offerings, customers now have an even greater selection of premium vehicles with zero local emissions, ranging from compact to luxury models.


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