Bosch Accelerates Hydrogen Economy with Volume Production of Fuel-Cell Power Modules

What’s Happening

Global technology and services supplier, Bosch, is propelling the hydrogen economy forward as it initiates mass production of its fuel-cell power module at its Stuttgart-Feuerbach facility. Bosch’s pilot customer, Nikola Corporation, is set to deploy these fuel-cell power modules in their Class 8 hydrogen fuel-cell electric truck slated for North American market entry in Q3 2023.

Why It Matters

Bosch’s mass production of fuel-cell power modules marks a significant step in the global transition to hydrogen mobility, echoing Bosch’s continuous growth and proficiency in hydrogen technologies. By leveraging their expertise, Bosch aims to generate sales of approximately 5 billion euros from hydrogen technology by 2030, thus helping to shape a climate-neutral world.

Key Points

Bosch’s fuel-cell production not only starts in Stuttgart-Feuerbach, but also extends to Chongqing, China, and is expected to reach its U.S. plant in Anderson, South Carolina. The company predicts that one in five new trucks weighing over six tons will feature a fuel-cell powertrain by 2030. It’s commitment to hydrogen is further emphasized by its proposed investment of nearly 2.5 billion euros in H2 technologies from 2021 to 2026. Currently, the company employs over 3,000 individuals working on hydrogen technologies, with more than half based in Europe.

Bottom Line

While the future prospects of Bosch’s hydrogen business largely depend on the political environment, the company is prepared and actively demands more from German and European policymakers in terms of hydrogen production, global supply chains, and the broad application of hydrogen in all sectors of the economy. Bosch is also anticipating the start of volume production of 1.25-megawatt prototypes for electrolysis in 2025 and expects six-figure unit volumes by 2030. As Bosch advances its hydrogen technology, they are keenly positioned to foster the transition to a more sustainable, hydrogen-based mobility sector.


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