Canoo Deepens Partnership with Defense Innovation Unit to Pioneer High-Power Battery Packs for Military Use

What’s Happening

Canoo Technologies, a groundbreaking mobility solutions firm, has announced a significant enlargement of its ongoing partnership with the Department of Defense’s Defense Innovation Unit (DIU). This alliance expansion builds on Canoo’s notable success with its proprietary battery technology, further solidifying its standing as a technological innovator in both commercial and defense sectors.

Why It Matters

Canoo’s role in the Defense Innovation Unit’s Jumpstart for Advanced Battery Standardization (JABS) program has grown significantly. Leveraging its sophisticated battery technology and integration expertise, Canoo has developed a high-power, scalable battery pack for operational military platforms. This marks a pivotal step toward the standardization of energy-dense lithium batteries within the U.S. Navy. This development is seen as a significant progression for the JABS program, propelling forward its mission to establish standardized “form-fit-function” batteries for defense using proven commercial EV battery technologies.

Canoo Battery

Key Points

Canoo’s state-of-the-art battery system is modular and offers top-tier performance features, making it suitable for a variety of military applications. Designed with flexibility, modularity, and compatibility in mind, the battery system is future-proof, equipped to incorporate the latest advancements in battery technology. This new development under the expanded partnership with DIU is expected to greatly contribute to strategic energy resilience.

The company also announced the creation of over 200 advanced manufacturing jobs at its battery module manufacturing facility at MidAmerica Industrial Park in Pryor, Oklahoma. Notably, Canoo will be the first technology firm to manufacture battery modules and packs primarily utilizing hydro and wind power sources from the Grand River Dam Authority.

Bottom Line

The broadened alliance with the DIU underscores Canoo’s reliability and technological prowess, positioning the company as a preferred partner for some of the U.S. government’s most demanding projects. Past successes include supplying Light Tactical Vehicles to the U.S. Army and Crew Transportation Vehicles to NASA for the Artemis lunar landing missions. With this expanded partnership, Canoo is poised to make even more significant contributions to the U.S. defense sector and the country’s broader leadership in innovative technology.


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