CATL, Hyundai Forge EV Battery Alliance

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On April 25, 2024, leading battery manufacturer CATL and automotive giant Beijing Hyundai solidified their partnership by signing a strategic agreement at Auto China 2024. This collaboration aims to enhance Beijing Hyundai’s electric vehicle (EV) lineup with advanced CATL batteries, marking a significant step in their ongoing relationship and commitment to the EV market.

Key Highlights

  • Strategic EV Collaboration: CATL will supply its state-of-the-art batteries for Beijing Hyundai’s future electric vehicle models.
  • Long-Term Partnership Strengthened: The agreement builds on a successful history since 2017, showcasing a joint effort in vehicle innovation and sales achievements.
  • Upcoming Electric Models: Beijing Hyundai plans to launch over 10 new global models featuring CATL’s latest battery technologies, including CTP (Cell to Pack) and NP (Nickel Manganese Cobalt-free).
  • Technological Synergy: CATL will provide technological support to Beijing Hyundai, aiming to boost product quality and business growth within China’s competitive automotive market.
  • Previous Collaborations Highlighted: In October 2021, CATL expanded its technological ties with Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd., sharing CTP technology and supporting global supply efforts.

The newly inked agreement ensures that Beijing Hyundai will equip its upcoming electric models with CATL’s innovative battery technologies. Having already launched a variety of popular models since their initial cooperation in 2017, Beijing Hyundai has proven its capability in the EV sector with over 200,000 units sold. The strategic partnership underscores both companies’ dedication to pushing the boundaries of EV technology and market reach.

As part of this partnership, CATL will not only supply batteries but also collaborate closely on product development, enhancing the overall quality and performance of Beijing Hyundai’s vehicles. This alliance is expected to leverage each company’s strengths in technology and manufacturing to foster significant growth.

Bottom Line

This strategic partnership between CATL and Beijing Hyundai at Auto China 2024 demonstrates a fortified relationship aimed at driving forward the capabilities and reach of electric vehicles in the global market. With a commitment to technological innovation and quality, both companies look toward a future of sustainable and advanced automotive solutions.

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