Chargeway Teams Up with NYPA to Simplify EV Charging for New Yorkers

What’s Happening: Oregon-based software startup Chargeway has partnered with the New York Power Authority (NYPA) to enhance EV education efforts in New York through the deployment of interactive Chargeway Beacons. These kiosks showcase the company’s color-coded visual language for electric vehicle (EV) charging, making it easier for potential EV buyers to understand how EVs can fit into their lives.

Why It Matters: As the adoption of EVs continues to grow, simplifying the charging process is essential to encourage more consumers to make the switch. The collaboration between Chargeway and NYPA aims to provide a seamless experience for EV owners, from finding charging stations to planning road trips, while demystifying the process for new buyers.

Key Points:

  • Chargeway Beacons are six-foot-tall, interactive touchscreen kiosks that will make their debut at the New York International Auto Show.
  • The Beacons will include customizations specifically for the NYPA’s EVolve NY fast charging network.
  • Attendees can download the Chargeway mobile app for free, further improving their EV ownership experience.
  • The Chargeway platform helps drivers easily understand the different EV charging options available to them.
  • The company’s database includes information on over 70,000 charging stations throughout North America, including New York’s EVolve NY network.

Bottom Line: The collaboration between Chargeway and the NYPA will help simplify the EV charging process for New Yorkers, making it more accessible and user-friendly for both current and potential EV owners. By offering a tailored experience and comprehensive charging station information, this partnership aims to support the growth of EV adoption in the state.


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