Circle K Unveils First U.S. Manufactured ABB E-mobility Fast Chargers

What’s Happening

Circle K, an international convenience and mobility titan, has recently inaugurated a new electric vehicle (EV) charging station in Wytheville, Virginia. This location, situated outside a Circle K store along Interstate 81 at State Highway 121, is the first to feature ABB E-mobility’s Terra 184 DC fast chargers, crafted in the United States and capable of delivering power up to 180 kW.

Why It Matters

This event marks a crucial advancement in EV charging technology, as the ABB E-mobility’s Terra 184 chargers are the inaugural ones to come from the company’s South Carolina-based production line. These “all-in-one” EV chargers, which are ENERGY STAR certified, are tailored to meet the needs of the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) charging sites. Furthermore, they adhere to the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Buy America Act regulations.

Key Points

The addition of these state-of-the-art chargers bolsters Wytheville’s fast charging capacity by over 20%, representing a shared dedication between Circle K and ABB E-mobility to roll out essential charging infrastructure to U.S. communities, regardless of their size. This initiative by Circle K is part of a larger plan by its parent company, Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc., to set up 200 EV charging sites throughout North America by 2024. It’s worth noting that Circle K, with over 1,400 fast chargers at 300 locations in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, is already a significant player in public EV charging services in Europe.

Bottom Line

Snorre Skeie, Director of E-Mobility, North America, for Circle K, expressed the company’s excitement in making EV charging more accessible for customers in Wytheville and across Southwestern Virginia. This venture, Skeie added, is part of the company’s broader commitment to participate in the country’s fast-growing EV charging infrastructure. “We are very pleased to make it easier for EV customers in Wytheville and throughout Southwestern Virginia by filling this gap in charging availability along the I-77/81 corridor,” Skeie said.

Echoing this sentiment, Bob Stojanovic, ABB E-mobility’s Senior Vice President for North America, emphasized the project’s significance as a new milestone. He underscored the company’s mission to offer reliable, consistent, and positive charging experiences for Circle K’s customers, setting high standards for the future of e-mobility. The partnership between Circle K and ABB E-mobility, as evidenced by this innovative step, signals an important stride towards the expansion of EV charging networks in the United States.


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