Cruise10 Unveils XP e-Cab EV Chassis for Future Delivery Trucks

Cruise10, a Taiwan-based automotive design company specializing in electric vehicle (EV) solutions, has launched its innovative XP e-Cab EV chassis for delivery trucks. This new product will redefine the future of delivery truck fleets by introducing a vertical collaboration business model that benefits automotive manufacturers and high-tech industry firms.

Why It Matters

The global trend towards reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions is driving the automotive industry’s need for more efficient and environmentally friendly solutions. Cruise10’s XP e-Cab EV chassis responds to this trend, offering a design that allows for a low framework, high loading capacity, smart cockpit, efficient battery usage, and easy truck layout. This design also enables diversified application solutions for delivery service companies.

Key Points

  • Stan Shih, co-founder of Cruise10 and founder of the Acer Group, emphasized the need for a platform designer to integrate information and communication technology value into the auto industry in the open EV era.
  • Shih compared an open EV chassis for a delivery truck to a motherboard in a computer, highlighting its potential to foster joint innovation, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in the automotive supply chain.
  • The XP e-Cab EV Chassis offers modularized subsystems and easy assembly, lowering entry barriers for local brand-name delivery truck businesses.
  • Albert Yang, President and co-founder of Cruise10, identified the electric delivery truck industry as a new niche market with urgent needs due to increasing concerns about climate change and environmental protection.

Bottom Line

Cruise10, established in 2012, has been at the forefront of providing total EV solutions to clients, meeting customized requirements, and bridging the gap between the Taiwan ICT industry and the traditional auto industry. The company’s latest offering, the XP e-Cab EV chassis, is a testament to its commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability. This product is set to accelerate the trend toward delivery vehicle electrification, offering a efficient, flexible, and environmentally friendly solution.


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