Dacia Spring’s Launch in UK 2024: Brings Affordability in the EV Market

What’s Happening

Dacia, the well-established car manufacturer, has announced that the Dacia Spring, currently the most cost-effective electric vehicle in Europe, will be released in the United Kingdom in 2024. The UK launch will introduce an enhanced version of the vehicle, featuring notable upgrades in design and equipment.

Why It Matters

The Dacia Spring has been instrumental in democratizing electric mobility throughout Europe. With over 120,000 orders since its introduction in 2021, the car’s arrival in the UK signifies a major step towards more accessible electric transportation for UK residents. The vehicle’s launch may significantly impact the electric car market, making electric mobility more viable than ever.

Key Points

The Dacia Spring distinguishes itself by offering an excellent selection of features at an unbeatable price point. It has been a significant driving force in increasing Dacia’s global sales by 6.8% YoY in 2022, in a challenging and shrinking market. Seventy-five percent of all sales have been made to individual customers, showing its popularity among retail buyers. Furthermore, the car has been a principal mode of transportation for 90% of multiple-vehicle households that own one.

Data gathered from the Spring’s connected services indicates how the full four-seat hatchback has satisfied European customers’ needs and gives insight into its potential to meet UK drivers’ requirements, particularly those primarily traveling in urban areas. The Spring is charged at home in 75% of cases, averaging a duration of 3.5 hours, catering to daily commutes under 20 miles and typically at 16 mph.

Bottom Line

“We are excited that the Dacia Spring will be making its way to the UK in 2024,” said Luke Broad, Dacia Brand Director for the UK. Broad lauded the vehicle as a high-quality, affordable EV solution that makes electric vehicle ownership more feasible than ever.

Xavier Martinet, Dacia’s SVP Sales, Marketing, and Operations, echoed Broad’s sentiments, highlighting the UK as a vital market for Dacia and expressing confidence that the Spring’s democratic approach to electric vehicle ownership will be equally popular in the UK, as it has been throughout Europe. The launch is a testament to Dacia’s commitment to making sustainable driving accessible to a broader audience, reinforcing their reputation as a market leader in affordable electric mobility.


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