Daimler Truck Deploys Hydrogen Trucks in Customer Trials

Daimler Truck’s GenH2 trucks hit the road in mid-2024 with major companies like Amazon and Air Products testing the future of clean haulage. Five semi-tractors will haul across Germany, fueled by liquid hydrogen, paving the way for decarbonized long-distance transport.

Key Takeaways:

  • Five industry giants, including Amazon and Air Products, to trial Mercedes-Benz GenH2 trucks in real-world scenarios.
  • Trucks boast 25-ton payload, 1,000+ km range with one fill, and refuel in just 10-15 minutes.
  • Daimler Truck pursues dual-track strategy with hydrogen and battery-electric vehicles for CO2-free future.

Shifting gears into clean transport, Daimler Truck is putting its GenH2 hydrogen-powered trucks to the test with a first-of-its-kind customer trial fleet. Starting mid-2024, these zero-emission behemoths will hit German highways, carrying freight for industry leaders like Amazon, Air Products, INEOS, Holcim, and Wiedmann & Winz.

Five semi-tractors, each with a 25-ton payload capacity and a range exceeding 1,000 kilometers on a single liquid hydrogen fill, will tackle diverse long-haul routes. Refueling takes a mere 10-15 minutes, thanks to the innovative “sLH2 technology” co-developed with Linde. This open-standard technique promises faster refueling and even higher storage density compared to traditional liquid hydrogen.

Beyond the impressive specs, the trial serves a crucial purpose: gathering real-world data on hydrogen truck performance and infrastructure needs. This input will be invaluable for Daimler Truck as it fine-tunes the GenH2 for a series launch later this decade.

“With this first customer fleet, our fuel-cell trucks are now being tested in real customer operation,” states Andreas Gorbach, Daimler Truck board member. “It’s a win-win: our customers get to know the technology, and we gain insights for series development.”

Each participating company brings a unique perspective to the trial. Amazon, committed to carbon neutrality by 2040, sees the GenH2 as a key player in its clean logistics network. Air Products, a future hydrogen giant, will test the trucks for transporting industrial gasses, while INEOS and VERVAEKE aim to decarbonize bulk PVC transport.

Daimler Truck, however, isn’t putting all its eggs in the hydrogen basket. The company champions a dual-track approach, recognizing battery-electric trucks as ideal for shorter, predictable routes. Both technologies are crucial for achieving CO2-free transport, and Daimler Truck believes rapid adoption requires cost-effective coverage of diverse needs.

The GenH2 customer trial marks a significant milestone in the race to clean heavy-duty transport. With major industry players at the wheel, this real-world test drive promises to accelerate the shift towards a zero-emission future.


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