Hydrogen Vehicle Systems Unveils Innovative Hydrogen-Electric Heavy Goods Vehicle

What’s Happening: Hydrogen Vehicle Systems (HVS) has revealed plans to revolutionize the haulage industry with a 40-tonne hydrogen-electric Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) technology demonstrator. This innovative hydrogen powertrain aims to become the first UK designed and developed hydrogen-electric HGV on the market.

Why It Matters: With government targets to phase out sales of non-zero emission HGVs by 2035 or earlier, HVS’s hydrogen-powered HGVs have the potential to help the industry meet emissions reduction goals. Hydrogen-powered vehicles offer longer ranges and faster refueling than battery-electric alternatives, making them particularly suited to the haulage sector.

Hydrogen Vehicle Systems Unveils Innovative Hydrogen-Electric Heavy Goods Vehicle

Key Points:

  • HVS was founded in Glasgow in 2017, specializing in the design and development of zero-emission hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles.
  • The company has secured funding from the Advanced Propulsion Centre, Innovate UK, Scottish Enterprise, and Energy Technology Partnership, as well as strategic investment from the EG Group.
  • The new HGV features a unique chassis built around the hydrogen powertrain, which includes hydrogen cylinders, fuel cells, an energy storage system, and an electrified rear axle.
  • The vehicle is capable of traveling up to 370 miles (600km) on a single tank of hydrogen, with refueling times comparable to diesel trucks.
  • HVS plans to open an R&D, engineering, and pilot production facility in the UK, eventually employing around 600 workers, with a further 10,000 involved in the supply chain.

Bottom Line: HVS’s innovative hydrogen-electric HGV demonstrates the potential for hydrogen power in the haulage industry. With benefits such as long-range capabilities, fast refueling times, and zero emissions, HVS’s technology could play a critical role in meeting future emissions reduction targets.


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