DEWALT Unveils New Line of EV Chargers

DEWALT, renowned for power tool innovation, has recently launched a new line of residential Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) chargers. This series, designed over two years, encompasses both portable and home solutions, with varied amperage options from 16 to 48 Amps, addressing the growing EV market’s needs.

Why It Matters

The surge in Electric Vehicle ownership has created a pressing demand for more efficient and reliable charging solutions. DEWALT’s entry into this market with its versatile range of chargers is significant, offering solutions that cater to a broad spectrum of EV drivers. The integration of advanced technology and user-friendly features positions these chargers as a top choice for residential EV charging needs.

Key Points

  • Product Range: DEWALT’s new line includes Portable Chargers (16 and 32 Amp) and Wall Mounted Chargers (40 and 48 Amp), along with various adapters and mounting brackets.
  • Charging Capability: The units offer charging capacities ranging from 12 to 48 amps, translating to up to 46 miles of charge per hour.
  • DEWALT EV Charger App: This complimentary app provides users with the ability to manage their charging sessions, monitor energy usage, and schedule charges during off-peak times for cost efficiency.
  • Market Relevance: Reflecting the Car Guru’s Electric Vehicle Sentiment Survey, this launch aligns with the increasing trend of EV ownership. Notably, the market is expanding beyond high-profile brands to include various electric vehicle models.
  • Consumer Benefits: The chargers are designed to optimize cost savings and offer enhanced safety features, including overvoltage and surge protection.

Bottom Line

DEWALT’s foray into the EV charging market is a strategic move that meets the evolving needs of electric vehicle owners. With their robust features, user-friendly app, and safety measures, these chargers represent a significant advancement in residential EV charging solutions. Available exclusively at The Home Depot and, these chargers are set to become a popular choice for EV owners, contributing to DEWALT’s reputation for innovative and reliable solutions. For more details, visit DEWALT EV Chargers.


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