Domino’s Expands its Electric Vehicle Delivery Fleet, Surpassing 1,100 Chevy Bolts by Year-End

Domino’s, the world’s largest pizza company, grows its environmentally friendly delivery fleet to over 1,100 Chevy Bolt electric vehicles. Zero emissions, increased battery life, and reduced maintenance costs offer new opportunities for franchisees and drivers.

What’s Happening

Domino’s Pizza Inc., the world’s leading pizza company, is set to grow its electric vehicle (EV) delivery fleet to over 1,100 2023 Chevy Bolt electric vehicles by year-end. The fleet, comprised of custom-branded vehicles, will be deployed at select franchise and corporate stores across the United States.

Why It Matters

This announcement follows the successful implementation of Domino’s 800 EVs as of November 2022. “We’re thrilled to state we’ve achieved our initial target, and even more so, we’re expanding it,” stated Joe Jordan, Domino’s president of U.S. and global services. With the increasing interest and positive response from the stores and franchisees towards EVs, Domino’s aims to increase the number of environmentally friendly cars on the road, leading to a cleaner and more sustainable delivery system.

Key Points

Electric vehicles provide several advantages for Domino’s. These include ample battery life enabling days of deliveries, zero tailpipe emissions, advanced safety features, and lower average maintenance costs than non-electric vehicles. Furthermore, the company’s partnership with Enterprise Fleet Management facilitates vehicle acquisition, financing, account management, telematics solutions, and maintenance of the electric delivery fleet.

Bottom Line

Domino’s continues to reap business and environmental benefits from the transition to electric vehicles. “In addition to the obvious ecological advantages, an electric delivery fleet also opens up a new pool of job candidates who may not have their own vehicles, thus aiding in driver recruitment,” added Jordan. This significant expansion in Domino’s EV fleet signifies its commitment to sustainable business practices while enhancing operational efficiency.


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