E-Truck Soars to New Heights

Swiss developers push the boundaries of e-mobility, conquering Earth’s highest volcano with solar power.

The Gebrüder Weiss Peak Evolution Team has etched their names in the record books, achieving a groundbreaking feat: scaling the western ridge of Ojos del Salado – the world’s highest active volcano – at a staggering 6,500 meters with their solar-powered truck. This incredible journey marks a pivotal moment for e-vehicle technology, proving its viability even in the most extreme conditions.

“This record is a testament not only to our groundbreaking technology, but to years of relentless research and dedication,” says Patrik Koller, CEO and developer at Peak Evolution. “We hope this achievement sparks a new era of sustainable transport, particularly in demanding tasks like mining and high-altitude logistics.”

This monumental undertaking was a collaborative effort. Logistics partner and main sponsor Gebrüder Weiss played a crucial role, ensuring the safe transport of the e-truck from Switzerland to Chile. Their unwavering support, both financial and logistical, proved invaluable in reaching new heights.

“As a pioneer in sustainable mobility, we are thrilled to be part of this groundbreaking achievement,” says Frank Haas, Head of Corporate Brand Strategy & Communications at Gebrüder Weiss. “This record underlines our commitment to supporting innovative technologies that pave the way for a cleaner future.”

The journey was fraught with challenges. The e-truck faced the punishing terrain and brutal environment of Ojos del Salado, while the Peak Evolution team battled physical and mental strain at extreme altitudes. Yet, their unwavering determination and meticulously engineered vehicle persevered.

“Despite the harsh conditions, our specially designed e-truck climbed higher than any other electric vehicle, let alone one powered solely by solar energy,” says Koller. “Years of preparation and unwavering focus fueled our resolve to conquer this mountain.”

The team’s meticulous planning paid off. They surpassed the 6,000-meter barrier for e-vehicles, setting a new record in late November. A week later, they reached the pinnacle of their mission, reaching 6,500 meters on the western ridge of Ojos del Salado – a feat powered entirely by the sun.

With the record secured, the team prepares for their return to Switzerland, with Gebrüder Weiss ensuring the safe passage of their groundbreaking vehicle back to Europe. This forward-thinking partnership exemplifies a shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of sustainable transport.

Gebrüder Weiss’ dedication to innovation extends far beyond this record-breaking venture. In January, they will host a dress rehearsal for the Austrian Space Forum’s Mars mission, further solidifying their position at the forefront of sustainable exploration. Additionally, an autonomous truck trial and an international research expedition to Greenland are slated for next year, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility and technological advancement.

The Peak Evolution team’s ascent of Ojos del Salado is a beacon of hope for the future of e-mobility. It showcases the incredible potential of this technology, paving the way for a cleaner and more sustainable transportation landscape. As Gebrüder Weiss continues to champion innovative projects, we can expect even bolder leaps towards a greener future.


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