Eaton eMobility Lands Contract for Innovative Battery Disconnect Units

What’s Happening

Eaton, a leader in intelligent power management, announced that its eMobility division has secured a contract to supply battery disconnect units (BDUs) to a renowned global vehicle manufacturer. The BDUs, available in both 400- and 800-volt configurations, will be employed in electric vehicles. Alongside this announcement, Eaton will exhibit its technology at The Battery Show, Stuttgart, Germany from May 23-25, 2023, and lead a conference on electric vehicle system safety on May 25.

Why It Matters

Mark Schneider, president of eMobility, expressed enthusiasm about providing a vital component of the EV system, complete with industry-leading safety measures and efficiency, to the notable vehicle manufacturer. The BDU integrates Eaton’s proprietary Breaktor® circuit protection technology, Bussmann™ fuses, and advanced Royal Power Solutions busbars, offering comprehensive electrical protection for the EV system in a compact and efficient package.

Key Points

The BDU’s primary role is to function as an on/off switch to the battery, depending on the EV’s operating mode, such as charging or driving. Current EVs rely on one of three conventional circuit protection configurations within the BDU, each carrying its own set of disadvantages, including system complexity, serviceability issues, coordination difficulties, and susceptibility to fatigue under high current levels.

Eaton’s inclusion of Breaktor® circuit protection technology in its BDU offers numerous benefits. Notably, it replaces up to four high-voltage electrical components, simplifying the system and reducing costs. It provides active and passive actuation in a single device and can be reset after a high-energy fault. In total, Eaton’s BDU eliminates the need for up to 15 additional system components.

Low-profile, innovative busbars have been designed into the BDU, allowing for space-efficient design without heat sinks, thereby saving weight. Eaton’s automated assembly process ensures superior safety, reduces production time, and offers maximum cost savings with minimal wasted material and almost no development time for production products. This power connection technology was designed by Royal Power Solutions, which Eaton acquired in 2022. The performance of the BDU is further optimized by Eaton’s Bussmann™ series fuses.

Bottom Line

Eaton’s cutting-edge technologies, including Breaktor and Power Connections solutions, position the company uniquely in the market, allowing it to create differentiated electrified vehicle solutions for its global clientele. This contract marks a significant step forward in the global adoption of efficient and advanced EV technology.


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