Eaton Enhaces Fleet EV Charging with Industry-First Approach

Eaton, a leading power management company, has unveiled an industry-first solution that is set to streamline and expedite electric vehicle (EV) fleet charging. The groundbreaking approach, the EV Charging Busway, cuts installation time by a substantial 40%, eliminating expensive cable runs and substantial alterations to existing parking and conveyor structures.

Why It Matters

As the drive towards decarbonization picks up pace, over 50% of companies plan to make their fleets carbon neutral by 2027. To realize this objective, access to dependable, cost-effective, and easily accessible EV charging infrastructure is a fundamental necessity. Eaton’s EV Charging Busway employs widely used electrical distribution technology, providing a simpler charging method for zero-emission delivery vehicles. This overhead power distribution solution enables fleets to quickly adapt to dynamic AC Level 2 and DC fast charging needs.

Key Points

  • Eaton’s EV Charging Busway revolutionizes charging system flexibility and modularity, integrating seamlessly with existing electrical systems.
  • The innovation involves intelligent hardware and software that help achieve high levels of sustainability, cost savings, and flexibility.
  • Eaton’s Green Motion EV charging hardware enables intelligent load management to optimize on-site electrical capacity.
  • The EV Charging Busway provides a plug-and-play solution, enabling the easy addition and expansion of charging infrastructure without rewiring.
  • The solution includes a retractable cable management system that keeps cords and electrical equipment off the ground and out of the way, and supports ground-mounted DC fast charging pedestals.

Bottom Line

Eaton’s latest offering, the EV Charging Busway, marks a pivotal advancement in EV charging infrastructure, designed to meet the dynamic needs of fleet managers. By simplifying and accelerating EV fleet charging, this innovation presents a cost-effective, flexible solution that enhances the ease of deploying, scaling, and managing EV charging infrastructure. With a focus on sustainability and power management, Eaton is at the forefront of the global trends of electrification and digitalization, facilitating the transition to renewable energy and tackling the world’s most pressing power management challenges.


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