Electric Freightliner eM2 Partnership

Daimler Truck North America (DTNA) has joined forces with Hexagon Purus, a leader in clean energy solutions, to enhance their battery-electric Freightliner eM2 trucks, specifically tailored for vocational uses. This strategic collaboration aims to integrate Hexagon Purus’ cutting-edge zero-emission technology into these vehicles, optimizing them for various demanding applications such as construction, towing, and refuse. The move reinforces both companies’ dedication to innovation and sustainable practices within the vocational vehicle market, aligning with DTNA’s existing electric lineup.

DTNA’s initiative to partner with Hexagon Purus reflects a concerted effort to push the boundaries of electric mobility in vocational services, providing a green alternative without sacrificing power or versatility. Hexagon Purus will supply its proprietary battery systems, power modules, and crucial vehicle software, in addition to power-take-off (PTO) options to ensure the operational needs of vocational equipment are met. The partnership builds upon a history of collaboration, including Hexagon’s involvement in DTNA’s Innovation Fleet program and the development of natural gas fuel tank systems.

Key Points

  • Strategic Partnership: DTNA collaborates with Hexagon Purus to integrate advanced zero-emission technology into the Freightliner eM2.
  • Advanced Technology: The partnership brings Hexagon’s battery systems, power modules, and vehicle-level software to vocational trucks.
  • Commitment to Sustainability: Both companies aim to expand zero-emission solutions across various vocational segments.

Bottom Line

DTNA’s alliance with Hexagon Purus marks a significant advancement in zero-emission vocational vehicles, expanding its electric vehicle (EV) portfolio. This long-term commitment supports DTNA’s mission to deliver flexible, effective solutions for their vocational clientele, leveraging Hexagon’s innovation and high-voltage battery technology recognized for its efficient power storage capabilities. As the industry leans towards sustainability, DTNA and Hexagon Purus are poised to lead the charge, offering cleaner, innovative alternatives for vocational applications while maintaining their status as forerunners in the commercial vehicle space.


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