Electric Mustang Breaks Speed Record

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In a striking display of electric power, the Ford Mustang Super Cobra Jet 1800 has shattered the world record for the fastest quarter-mile by a full-bodied drag car. The record was set with an astonishing time of 7.759 seconds at 180.14 miles per hour during the National Hot Rod Association Winter Nationals, marking the vehicle’s second groundbreaking achievement in the electric vehicle (EV) category.

Key Highlights:

  • New World Record: 7.759 seconds quarter-mile at 180.14 mph.
  • Significant Improvements: Over 40% reduction in battery system weight and suspension geometry optimization.
  • Collaboration Triumph: Partnership between Ford Performance and MLe Racecars yields cutting-edge enhancements.
  • Innovative Design: A “blank page” battery system redesign and advanced power setup.
Electric Mustang Breaks Speed Record

The Mustang Super Cobra Jet 1800’s recent accomplishment serves as a beacon for the potential of EVs in competitive racing, demonstrating a leap forward from its previous record of 8.128 seconds at 171.97 mph in 2021. This feat underscores the extensive innovation and dedication of the teams involved, from substantial reductions in battery weight to the meticulous fine-tuning of the vehicle’s suspension.

Pat McCue, reflecting on the achievement, noted, “The Super Cobra Jet 1800 stands as a testament to the untapped potential of EVs in motorsport.” This sentiment is echoed by Ford’s commitment to leading the electric revolution, translating lessons learned on the racetrack into tangible benefits for EV customers.

The car’s evolution from concept to record-breaker involved not only hardware upgrades, such as a bespoke control strategy and a pioneering lightweight battery system but also a holistic approach to innovation. The synergy between Ford Performance and MLe Racecars culminated in a vehicle equipped with a formidable power setup, including four PN250DZR inverters and dual DS-250-115 motor pairings, all fine-tuned for peak performance.

The Mustang Super Cobra Jet 1800’s record is not just about speed; it’s a forward leap in redefining electric power’s place in motorsports. As Ford continues to break records and push boundaries, the future of EV racing looks not just promising but electrifyingly fast.

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