Electrify America and Lyft Deepen Commitment to EV Adoption with Nation-wide Charging Discount Initiative

Electrify America and Lyft solidify their commitment to electric vehicle adoption, offering discounted fast charging services to drivers, with the aim to advance the electrification of rideshare miles across the nation.

What’s Happening

Electrify America and Lyft announced an expansion of their collaboration to bolster the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in the U.S. by providing Lyft drivers with discounted charging services across Electrify America’s fast-charging stations. The agreement encompasses all Electrify America stations nationwide, expanding the reach of their existing partnership.

Why It Matters

This agreement addresses two key challenges facing drivers considering a switch to EVs: upfront costs and access to affordable charging. According to Erin Gray, Product Director at Lyft, partnering with Electrify America breaks down these barriers, potentially saving drivers hundreds of dollars annually on charging costs, on top of existing savings from reduced maintenance costs associated with EVs. The discounted charging services are projected to incentivize more rideshare drivers to transition to electric vehicles, bolstering Lyft’s commitment to sustainability and further decreasing their environmental impact.

Key Points

Eligible and active Lyft drivers will receive tiered discounts on Electrify America’s Pass pricing for DC Fast charging at all their stations. The loyalty benefit is linked to the Lyft Rewards program, encouraging drivers to save more as they drive more. To access their discount, drivers must secure an enrollment code from Lyft and establish an account with Electrify America. The Electrify America mobile app will then provide drivers with all the necessary tools to locate nearby charging stations, check availability, navigate to these stations, and access the premium offer.

Bottom Line

The collaboration between Electrify America, a leader in open DC fast charging networks, and Lyft, a pioneering ride-hailing platform, is a significant step towards increasing EV adoption across the nation. Through this agreement, Lyft drivers can benefit from discounted ultra-fast charging services, making the transition to EVs more affordable and attractive. With over 800 charging stations nationwide, this move further solidifies Electrify America’s dedication to fostering driver confidence in EVs, while promoting a more sustainable future.


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