Enteligent Launches World’s First DC-to-DC Solar Hybrid Bi-Directional EV Charger

MORGAN HILL, CA – Enteligent Inc., a technology company that develops solar power optimization and electric vehicle (EV) solar charging technologies, has launched the world’s first DC-to-DC solar hybrid bi-directional EV charger at the Intersolar NA 2023 event in Booth 2460. The new solar EV charger can deliver 25 kW of fast DC charging directly from the sun, providing three times faster charging than AC Level 2 EV chargers. The charger is also designed to support vehicle-to-home (V2H) and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) home energy resilience, offering significant energy savings.

Traditionally, EV owners would use home chargers that rely on alternating current (AC) from the electric grid. However, EV batteries operate on direct current (DC), requiring conversion from AC-to-DC during charging. This process results in significant energy losses and longer charging times.

Enteligent’s solar EV charger is designed to optimize the use of clean energy, eliminating the AC-to-DC conversion and improving charging times. Users can save up to 25% energy, while direct charging DC bypasses the EV’s internal conversion electronics, resulting in faster charging.

According to BloombergNEF, 52% of the total car market will consist of EVs by the end of this decade. Currently, the vast majority of EVs are charged overnight using a fossil fuel-powered grid. With the increasing number of EVs and household electronics, the grid’s ability to meet energy demand will be strained.

Enteligent’s solar EV chargers offer a solution, allowing drivers to charge their vehicles during the day, directly from on-site solar generation. This shift in energy consumption habits can leverage solar power when it is locally generated and readily available, making it convenient and affordable.

Sean Burke, Founder, and CEO of Enteligent, commented, “Rapid growth in EV ownership and usage and the resulting demand for energy are putting increased pressure on an already stretched electricity grid. This first-of-its-kind technology will benefit consumers by enabling them to shift from night-time charging, which is dependent on the fossil-fuel powered grid, to clean, solar-based, daytime charging.”


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