EO’s latest generation of commercial and home electric vehicle chargers – EO Genius 2 and EO Mini Pro 3 – feature a reimagined design and improved operating platforms

EO Charging, one of the UK’s leading electric vehicle charger manufacturers, has today announced it is bringing two new products to market – EO Genius 2 and EO Mini Pro 3.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the two smart chargers have been completely reimagined using EO’s new signature product design language and a reconfigured operating platform, which offer customers a future-proofed charging experience.

The new products are suitable for all-electric cars and vans and are also compliant with the “Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations”. These new regulations come into force on Thursday 30th June 2022 and require all home or commercial chargers sold in the UK, excluding Northern Ireland, to have smart functionality and incorporate pre-set off-peak charging hours.

EO Genius 2

The EO Genius 2 is the company’s second-generation commercial charger, following the EO Genius 1, which is already used by some of the world’s biggest EV fleets including Amazon, Tesco, and DHL. EO has already started rolling out the updated product across several existing customers.

The charger is OCPP-compliant, can power up to 22kW, and offers multiple load management options – allowing fleet managers to distribute available power across multiple chargers via OCPP or once connected to the EO Cloud (its charge point management software). Fleet managers can unlock further charging insights with EO Cloud – including detailed energy usage, charge scheduling, telematics integration, and much more.

Over the next 12 months, EO will introduce additional hardware upgrades including ISO15118, which will enable the Genius 2 to be vehicle to grid (V2G) ready. This will allow businesses to start thinking about their wider on-site power infrastructure and make fleet charging even more cost-effective by encouraging charging patterns to shift to when electricity is at its cheapest.

Unlike most V2G chargers currently available on the market, the Genius 2 performs AC charging, making it more compact, easier to install and more affordable than other DC options. EO Genius 2 is available for order now, with UK shipping beginning in July. Price available on request.

EO Mini Pro 3

EO Mini Pro 3 will take over from the best-selling EO Mini Pro 2 as its signature home EV charger. No bigger than an A5 notepad, the small but mighty Mini Pro 3 has a charging capacity of 7kW and up to 22kW, making it perfect for both overnight and high-speed charging.

Like the Genius 2, the Mini Pro 3 will be vehicle to grid (V2G) ready within the next 12 months. EO will also launch a range of customizable fascias to allow users to personalize their chargers to best compliment their home or vehicle.

Alongside the new hardware, EO has developed a new smartphone app to give every day EV drivers advanced control of their car charger, such as automatic settings that select the cheapest time to charge or solar functionalities to enable customers with solar panels to charge their vehicle with electricity generated purely by the sun.

The Mini Pro 3 is not only an ideal solution for the everyday EV driver, but also for return-to-home fleet drivers. It is OCPP-compliant and can be connected to the EO Cloud, which means fleet managers can easily track workplace, depot, and employee home chargers across one centralized dashboard, no matter the location.

The Mini Pro 3 is available for exclusive sign-up from today, with shipping starting in September 2022. RRP starts from £1,139 including VAT and the cost of installation.