EVBox Charging Stations to Integrate with Energy Management Systems via EEBUS

What’s Happening: EVBox, a global leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, announced its latest AC charging stations, EVBox Livo and EVBox Liviqo, will integrate with Energy Management Systems (EMS) through EEBUS, a universal language for smart home management. This integration will enable seamless communication with other smart electric appliances in homes and buildings for more efficient energy usage.

Why It Matters: The integration of EVBox’s charging stations with EMS will improve and diversify energy consumption, allowing EV owners to utilize renewable energy sources for charging. This will contribute to more sustainable electric mobility and help reduce the strain on electricity grids caused by the increasing adoption of EVs.

Key Points:

  • EVBox has been a member of the EEBUS Initiative since 2019, promoting an open and publicly available standard for energy-related communication between devices across various industries.
  • EEBUS enables better communication between different devices in the same location, allowing for more efficient use of electricity and greater integration of renewable energy sources.
  • EVBox is committed to providing innovative solutions that meet and anticipate market demands. The company delivers over-the-air updates to EVBox Livo and EVBox Liviqo, ensuring seamless integration with EMS.
  • The company has begun testing EVBox Livo and EVBox Liviqo with different EMS manufacturers to validate various use cases, such as PV-optimized charging, which leverages solar energy produced on site.
  • EVBox is welcoming further collaboration with EMS suppliers for integration testing to promote standardization in the industry.

Bottom Line: EVBox’s latest AC charging stations, EVBox Livo and EVBox Liviqo, will integrate with Energy Management Systems via EEBUS, enhancing energy efficiency and promoting the use of renewable energy sources in electric mobility. This development aligns with the growing demand for sustainable EV charging solutions and addresses the challenges posed by the increasing adoption of electric vehicles on electricity grids.


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