EVCS and Presto Unite for Advanced Fleet Charging Solutions

In a notable advancement for electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, EVCS and Presto Charging have officially declared a strategic partnership. This collaboration introduces a significant enhancement in EV charging capabilities, particularly for fleets, mobility providers, and businesses.

  • Key Partnership Highlights:
    • Direct Access: Presto’s customers will gain access to EVCS’s extensive network of over 1,000 chargers along the West Coast.
    • App Integration: The Presto app now integrates EVCS sites, providing live status updates and enabling seamless charging session initiation.
    • Special Rates: Presto offers its fleet customers special charging rates at EVCS locations.
    • Geographic Expansion: Currently available in California, the service will soon expand to Washington and Oregon.

The partnership is a pivotal move towards a more accessible and cohesive electric vehicle charging ecosystem. It underscores the commitment of both companies to foster an efficient and user-friendly charging experience.

Noodoe’s Role in Enhancing Connectivity

Crucial to this partnership is Noodoe‘s involvement. As EVCS’ chargepoint management system and provider of EV charging cloud services, Noodoe has implemented world-class Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) standards. This implementation guarantees a smooth roaming experience between EVCS and Presto platforms.

  • Industry Leaders’ Perspectives:
    • Karim Farhat, EVCS: “Our collaboration with Presto today marks a significant milestone in our roaming efforts, and a step forward in streamlining the transition to a carbon-free electric future for mobility.”
    • JJ Raynor, Presto: “We are thrilled to partner with EVCS on fleet electrification where we share a common goal of creating magical charging experiences.”
    • Roman Kleinerman, Noodoe: “We believe that roaming interconnections are one of the best ways to ensure global charging visibility, enhanced driver experience, and overall EV adoption.”

About EVCS:

Founded in 2018, EVCS has rapidly emerged as a leading network in the U.S. West Coast electric vehicle fast charging market. With a commitment to powering the electric transportation revolution, EVCS emphasizes the expansion of accessible, reliable, and conveniently located public EV charging stations. Utilizing both public and private funding, EVCS has installed over 1000 chargers at nearly 190 sites. The company offers flexible subscription plans, including unlimited charging options for high-mileage drivers.

About Presto:

Presto, a software platform, is dedicated to providing seamless and reliable charging experiences for various clients, including fleets and mobility providers. The company aims to build an all-electric future through user-friendly charging solutions and strategic partnerships. Backed by significant climate tech investors, Presto offers innovative charging solutions integrated into mobile apps and customer experiences.


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