Noodoe Launches Electric Fleet Management Solution

Leading EV charging provider, Noodoe, reveals its advanced Electric Fleet Management Solution, enabling a seamless transition to electric vehicles for fleets worldwide. Designed to ease the complexities of electrification, Noodoe’s new solution offers a single platform for managing all EV-related aspects, including charging services, telematics devices, and vehicle tracking.

What’s Happening

As businesses worldwide strive to transition their fleets from gasoline to electric vehicles, Noodoe, a global frontrunner in electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, introduced its game-changing Electric Fleet Management Solution today. The innovative system is designed specifically for the electric era, fundamentally altering the future of fleet management. Jennifer Chang, Noodoe’s CEO, announced the launch, noting the transformative effect of the EV revolution on global business practices and the role of Noodoe’s cutting-edge solution in simplifying these changes.

Why It Matters

With fleets worldwide navigating their way into the EV era, a tailored system for this next phase of fleet management is crucial. Noodoe’s unique solution offers unmatched support to companies integrating their first or last electric vehicle into their fleet. Leveraging Noodoe EV OS, the company’s pioneering cloud-based operating system, managing various aspects of EV charging services, including transitioning an existing fleet to electric or handling a mixed fleet, becomes effortless.

Key Points

The Noodoe Fleet Solution propels fleet management into a new era, addressing the challenges faced by fleet managers during electrification. It alleviates several critical concerns:

  • Businesses can now track their vehicles’ potential range and state of charge effortlessly. The system integrates with new and existing telematics devices, providing live status updates, including current battery level and energy transferred during charging.
  • The inclusion of EV chargers is no longer a complex process. Noodoe EV OS manages both fleet vehicles and the business’ charging stations, offering dispatchers a holistic view of their entire operation from a single platform.
  • Calculating vehicle charging and departure times is now automated, thanks to integrated dynamic load balancing and advanced smart scheduling. The system autonomously manages fleet charging times, ensuring timely departures by automatically prioritizing power distribution.

Bottom Line

Noodoe has demonstrated its commitment to accelerating global EV adoption through its innovative electric Fleet Solution. By providing comprehensive support and a dedicated team of EV charging experts to assist businesses during their transition, Noodoe solidifies its pledge to deliver the best EV charging experience to all fleet operators.


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