First UK Test Drives of Lotus Eletre, Revolutionary All-Electric Hyper-SUV

What’s Happening

Lotus conducted the first-ever UK test drives for its innovative all-electric hyper-SUV, the Lotus Eletre, at the esteemed Goodwood Motor Circuit. The event, which coincided with the widely recognized Goodwood Festival of Speed, offered potential buyers a firsthand experience of the exceptional performance and innovative features of the Eletre.

Why It Matters

This marks a significant milestone for the automotive industry, particularly in the electric vehicle (EV) segment. It illustrates Lotus’s pioneering efforts in combining sports car DNA with practical SUV functionality in a single electric vehicle. The overwhelmingly positive feedback reinforces the high anticipation around the Lotus Eletre and its potential to revolutionize the EV market.

Key Points

The Eletre’s test drive event was well-received, with drivers lauding its swift acceleration, precision handling, dynamic capabilities, and its state-of-the-art digital cockpit. These affirmations echo the praises received by global motoring media in their initial reviews earlier this week. Several participants expressed delight over the luxury interior and superior driving experience the Eletre offers, increasing the anticipation for the vehicle’s arrival in the market.

Bottom Line

The Lotus Eletre symbolizes the culmination of 75 years of sports car design and engineering, encapsulating core principles and the very DNA that Lotus is known for, into a desirable lifestyle vehicle. As the first in its breed of pure electric performance SUVs, the Eletre appeals to a new generation of Lotus customers seeking world-class performance, striking design, and practicality in a family-focused vehicle packed with the latest digital technology. This electric hyper-SUV embodies the Lotus spirit, offering exceptional ride, handling, and steering performance, while boasting a design influenced by the Lotus sports car, Emira, and the aerodynamics of the all-electic Evija hypercar. The Lotus Eletre serves as a testament to Lotus’s continuous innovation, pioneering efforts, and mastery in automotive design and engineering.


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