Flash and Qmerit Boost US EV Charging

Flash, known for its pioneering cloud-based platform encompassing parking, reservations, and EV Charging, has announced an alliance with Qmerit. Renowned as North America’s premier installer of both home and commercial EV chargers, Qmerit aims to bridge the existing gap in the urban EV charging infrastructure with this collaboration.

Why It Matters

Urban areas face unique challenges in the transition from gas-powered to electric vehicles. Dan Sharplin, the CEO of Flash, underscored the significance, stating, “Unlocking EV charging in the urban core is paramount.” The synergy between Flash and Qmerit could be the key to enhancing urban mobility. With over 16,000 parking sites nationwide, Flash is set to expand EV charging locations, refine the driver experience through their digital platform, and offer reliable hardware maintenance.

Key Points

  • The alliance seeks to integrate Level 2 and DC Fast charging systems within Flash’s extensive network of parking venues, spanning hotels, offices, retail hubs, and more.
  • Flash guarantees that all their chargers are compliant with the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) standards.
  • Tracy K. Price, Qmerit’s CEO, highlighted that easing consumer worries about charger accessibility and reliability is crucial for the larger adoption of electric vehicles.
  • Qmerit’s vast network of trained electricians and maintenance personnel empowers them to swiftly address any challenges related to charger functionality.

Bottom Line

This partnership between Flash and Qmerit is poised to significantly expand and enhance EV charger availability and reliability across the U.S. Flash users can conveniently locate and reserve chargers via diverse platforms, including Parkwhiz, Groupon, and Ticketmaster, further simplifying the electric vehicle charging experience.


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